What that means? Who is he ? Does he come directly from a Psychotherapy ?

These and similar questions i hear always when people see me working and speak about me.

After a while they come back and see the results and they say :
“YES, He Come from a PT “
OK, OK just a Joke !!!

Lunatic Air is not only a Name. When i started working profesionally as a

Visual Artist , i’ve been looking for Name for the complete Project.

Parents give also Names to her Chidren.

I remember , i was searching month for the right Name.

On a late afternoon , after a really hard day i was listening to a song “Lunatic“from a Rock Band called Gypsy Kyss .

The next Day i receipt a call from a Client , and he told me that he bought a

new house , and what he dislike was the grey of the Elevators. So he asked me to design them , told me some Ideas he have and for sure i accepted to do it.

after the call i thought : “ This man is Lunatic“

This does not mean any negative , more that somone have Ideas.

In this Moment this Song from the Day before came back into my sense and

i could not rid this Textline : “ Oh, thank God i’m a Lunatic! “

I called my wife and friends and i was screaming(they told me that later)

I got it!!! I got it !!! I have the Name!!!!
This was the Birth of Lunatic Air Art Studio.

In all this Years , my“ Child “ is growing to an important Part of my Life, and

to a Philosophy of my understang of Art , wich means “be creative and don’t copy always, try something new!!!“ . Because trying new things is the engine

of Art and Life.

The decision in order to live and to work as an artist was relatively easy.

In earliest youth, I scribbled in my school books

, what sometimes brought annoyance. But I loved it.

Later in the age of 14 years, have done I my first paid mural painting.

Now, 29 years later, I still paint with the same vigor

and enthusiasm.