Some pictures from this recently finished Mural Artwork, and like always a picture from before i smashed some paint on it.

Here are some final pictures from this Mural. Today i finished the pilars , adding some names to the boats and some retouching…. and to show the change it makes i added a “before“ picture, and some progress pictures.

Moroccan Balcony – Mural

So , here is the final story, before , predesign, in progress and finish. This one was hard to realize. Low temperature , ice cold and strong wind.I didn’t even know if the paint will ever dry. But at last … it was worth it.

Así que, aquí está la historia final, antes, prediseño, en progreso y final. Este fue difícil de realizar. Temperatura baja, viento fuerte y frio. Ni siquiera sabía si la pintura se secará. Pero al fin… valió la pena.