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Some pictures from this recently finished Mural Artwork, and like always a picture from before i smashed some paint on it.

Here are some final pictures from this Mural. Today i finished the pilars , adding some names to the boats and some retouching…. and to show the change it makes i added a “before“ picture, and some progress pictures.

Moroccan Balcony – Mural

So , here is the final story, before , predesign, in progress and finish. This one was hard to realize. Low temperature , ice cold and strong wind.I didn’t even know if the paint will ever dry. But at last … it was worth it.

Así que, aquí está la historia final, antes, prediseño, en progreso y final. Este fue difícil de realizar. Temperatura baja, viento fuerte y frio. Ni siquiera sabía si la pintura se secará. Pero al fin… valió la pena.

Mural Artwork

Here are some final pictures including a “ before “ pic and a detail picture of how it can be personalized. This time a Golf Club standing by the stairs. Love it!!!! It was a bit hard to realize this Mural.Sunstroke included.

Aquí están algunas fotos finales incluyendo una foto“ antes“ y una foto detallada de cómo se puede personalizar. Esta vez un palo de golf junto a las escaleras. Me encanta!!!!!! Fue un poco difícil realizar este mural. Insolación incluido.


I just finished a fast one.Its painted on Wood. I really like the basic structure of wood to Paint on.
Acabo de terminar una pintura rápida. Está pintado en madera. Realmente me gusta la estructura básica de madera para pintar.

Living on the Beach

The latest Mural Artwork before and after. Just finished a few hours back.
We also changed the entrance door.

El ultimo Mural artistico antes y despues . Acabado hace pocas horas.
Tambien hemos cambiado la entrada.